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In which I attempt to discover the meaning of life...

a study of adolcescence in progress

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oh, shit, how am i supposed to promote my wonderful sarcastic wit (and modesty), without actually seeing or interacting with any of you. hmm...this is a problem...think think think...I know, i'll be completely over the top with all of it and hope that you don't think me a pretentious and self-absorbed prig (the internet is so bad for my social skills, it really is). so...here goes

I'm a sixteen year old, half-white, half-indian (from india you cretins) female currently residing in the heart of suburbia (which is boring). I'm known to be inapproprately sarcastic and utterly untrepentantly politically incorrect (wow, three -lys in a row), but oh well, what can you do when you have the standard of idiotic, naive, and uninformed material teeenager to live up to (i'm not living up to it, much to the disappointment of my peers)

Alright, enough about me (not really, but i'm attempting modesty...is it working?) Please, kindly move on to my actual LJ, and pretend to enjoy it (after all, my self-esteem is required to be obscenely low, give me a break, here)